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Polydor International GmbH


German record company, registered in May 1971 and operational by January 1,1972. Responsible for the worldwide music activities of Deutsche Grammophon and affiliated companies (mostly trading as Polydor), concerned with the acquisition of rights for production and reproduction and distribution of music and the production, manufacture and marketing of vinyl and cassettes. The twin company for Philips' labels was [l=Phonogram International B.V.], located in Baarn, Holland. Also listed as: Polydor International GmbH, Hamburg [b]Note: this company should not be entered as label. Please verify how it is mentioned your item and pick (a) matching role(s) from the 'Label' dropdown menu on the submission form.[/b]

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Harvestehuder Weg 1-4 2000 Hamburg 13 [Obsolete]

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