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EMI Records is sometimes referenced as a copyright, license holder or distributor on releases. It also manufactured records and was frequently uncredited (see below). Please use this company "only" for that purpose. Do not enter it as Label. For releases that carry the EMI logo, please use [l26126] as label. For releases that mention EMI Records Ltd. or EMI Records Limited as a copyright holder, please use [l63404]. EMI Records manufactured records at their record factories in Hayes, Middlesex, UK. Contract pressings: EMI Records also undertook contract pressings for other companies from the late 1960's until 1999. Their clients included Island from the late 1960's until the closure of the facilities in 1999 and Polygram from 1988 when they wound down the Polygram Record Service operation in the UK, until 1992 when Polygram switched record production to other suppliers. These contract pressings never directly credited EMI Records and can be identified by the following [url=http://s.pixogs.com/image/L-754-1387622926-8013.jpeg]run-out pattern[/url]: A record with the following in the runout "LASH 19-A-1U-1-Q2" can be broken down as follows. "LASH 19" is the catalogue number. "A" is the side identifier. "1U" is the cut number with U identifying the pressing as a contract pressing. "1-Q2" shows the mother and stamper numbers.

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EMI Records 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104

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