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Manhattan Records was a division of Capitol Records that signed, marketed and released music by a variety of pop, rock & dance artists in the 1980s and 1990s. It also served to reissue albums from the Capitol, EMI America, Liberty and other Capitol-EMI owned labels. It was also under Manhattan's stewardship that the legendary jazz label Blue Note Records was relaunched in 1985 as a subsidiary label. In 1985, for the [a=Grace Jones] release "Slave To The Rhythm", the label was co-branded with Island Records in a one-off joint venture as [l=Manhattan Island Records]. Manhattan was merged with EMI America in 1987 to create [l=EMI-Manhattan Records]. That version of the label was shut down in September 1988 and its catalog absorbed into Capitol Records as EMI USA. In the fall of 2001, Manhattan Records was relaunched with a renewed ambition to produce contemporary, adult-oriented music under the direction of legendary record producer [a=Arif Mardin]. It is part of the Blue Note Label Group. Please make sure you submit your releases under the correct incarnation of this label: [l=Manhattan Records], [l=Manhattan Island Records] or [l=EMI-Manhattan Records]. [b]Do not confuse with the 1970s label [i]The Manhattan Island Recording Co. Inc.[/i], a short-lived subsidiary of United Artists Records. This label's catalogue should be listed under [l=Manhattan Records (6)].[/b]

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