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The Town House (or Townhouse Studios) was a recording and mastering studio complex in West London, built by Richard Branson and [a=Ian Cooper] in late 1978 as part of the Virgin Studios Group (along with [l=The Manor]. The Goldhawk building included 3 recording studios (Studio 1, Studio 2 and [url=][b]Studio 4[/b][/url] which was built later) and 2 cutting rooms (equipped with Neumann VMS 80 Lathes, SX74 cutter heads and SAL74 Drive Amplifiers). History: July 1984: Opening of the recording studio [l277582], located in Battersea. 1992: Acquired by EMI, after Branson sold Virgin Records. 2002: Taken over by the Sanctuary Group. 2006: Put up for sale and re-launched by Al Stone and Sanctuary June 2007: Bought by Universal after a Sanctuary buy-out. April 2008: Final closure. Cutting engineers (1980s): [a=Tony Cousins] [a=Gordon Vicary] [a=Kevin Metcalfe] [a=Ian Cooper] [a=Frank Arkwright] Also appears on releases as: - Sanctuary Town House (2002 to 2008) - Sanctuary Town House, London - The Townhouse - Town House - Townhouse - Townhouse II - Townhouse Studios, London - Townhouse Studios, Terminal 24 - The TownHouse Digital Mastering Studios The company can also be identified by a stylized THT etched into the runouts of a record, with the top of each T meeting the other above the H between them. Then this record was cut by Tony Cousins (Town House Tony). [b]Not to be confused with the Japanese [l=Town House Studio] in Kyoto.[/b]

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[i](Obsolete)[/i] The Town House 140 Goldhawk Road London W12 8HH UK Tel: (081) 743 9313 Tel: (0181) 932 3200

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