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PolyGram was established in 1972. The company oversaw [l=Phonogram International B.V.] and [l=Polydor International GmbH]. It was formed following a reorganization of the "Gramophon-Philips Group". GPG was a joint venture between [l=Philips Phonografische Industrie] (PPI) and the [l=Deutsche Grammophon GmbH], existing since 1962 The Polygram name was not new though. It had been used by Philips' Belgian affiliate Polygram SA since 1962. From 1978 onwards the Polygram name became more common as most of the [l=Phonogram] companies worldwide were renamed to Polygram. The local Polygram companies handled all Polygram labels, most notably Philips, Verve Records [l=Mercury] and [l=Deutsche Grammophon]. Over the years some of the companies also started using the Polygram brand as a label. In 1985 Siemens reduced it's stake in Polygram to 10%. Two years later it sold its remaining stake to Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken B.V. In 1989, Polygram completed a worldwide public stock offering, reducing Philips' ownership to 75%. PolyGram acquired the recorded music and publishing arm of Island International Limited in July 1989 and the recorded music business of [l=A&M Records, Inc.] in January 1990. This was followed by [l=Motown] Records in 1993, part of [l=Def Jam Recordings] in 1994, and [l=Rodven Discos] in 1995. In 1998, Philips sold PolyGram to Seagram, which already owned the [l=Universal Music Group]. Seagram combined PolyGram with the [l=Universal Music Group], forming one of the largest recorded music businesses in the world. Starting in 1979 and continuing to the late 1980's, the center labels of US PolyGram sublabels began showing two-digit number ID codes signifying from which pressing plant the record originated. A partial list of confirmed plants and their corresponding numbers are as follows: 16 = [l344965] 19 = [l303576] 22 = [l211933] 24 = [l264380] 25 = [l376197] 26 = [l408781] 49 = [l27576] 53 = [l294000] (pre-1981), [l277410] (post-1981) 54 = [l324403] 56 = [l447694] 60 = [l289228] 70 = [l406973] 72 = [l408779] 73 = [l403953] 74 = [l285745] 76 = [l264205] There are some numeral codes which have so far been unconfirmed as to their corresponding pressing plants, including 18 (probably [l130920]), 30 (either [l283116] or [l41528]) and 75 (presumably [l315076]); plus other manufacturing codes (i.e. for cassettes) including 35.

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