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Sonopress GmbH - German vinyl, cassette, CD and DVD manufacturer, operating under this name from 1958 until 2004. Labelcode: LC 04241/LC 4241 Sonopress vinyl pressings can be identified by two ways: Firstly and most obvious: The "bass clef" symbol, usually embossed on the B-side centre label. Secondly, Sonopress vinyl runout etchings follow certain patterns: In the early 1960s the pattern is not yet consistent. Often it is "1 B xxxx A-1 / B-1" (e.g. 1 B 1016 A-1 // 1 B 1016 B-1); sometimes it is the release's cat# (e.g. 45450 X-1 / 45450 Y-1"). The four digits are sequential but their meaning remains unclear (and should not be added as Sonopres numbers). 1965 - 1973: N xxxxx A-1 / B-1. N is a letter (mostly B, C, G, K) - but could also be two or more letters (e.g. B C, G L/C, G C, G FU or PU), and xxxxx is the cat# of the release. Examples: B 19174 A-1 // B 19174 B-1 (7") or G C 75562/63 A-1 // G C 75562/63 A-1 (LP). 1973 - 1975: S xxxxx A-1 / B-1 (or M xxxxx A-1 / B-1). The S stands for Stereo, the M for Mono, regardless the format. 1975 - 1978: S xxxxx A-1 / B-1 75 or xxxxx A-1 / B-1 / 76 S (the last 2 numbers stand for the cutting year). Often with additional roman numerals I, II, III etc. 1978 - 1980: The catalogue numbers are adjusted to 6 digits, e.g. xxxxxx A-1/79 S. 1980 - 1988: Use of leading DM, DMM or DS (e.g. DM xxxxxx A - 9/84 S). These letters indicate the mastering/processing method. DM became standard after 1984. 1988 - 1992: Use of 3-digit number preceding the DS, DM and the cat# (e.g. 005 DS xxxxxx A-2 or 105 DM xxxxxx A-1); the date appears irregulary but the S disappeared. Apparently, the 3 digits indicate the respective lathe. Since 1965 there also is "Made in Germany" found (irregularly placed) in the runouts, indicating a pressing in Gütersloh (as opposed to Made in Austria or Made in Switzerland). Example: G 19080 A-3 Made in Germany // G 19080 B-3 Made in Germany (7"). Note: "Manufactured in Germany" indicates a repress by Teldec. Please note: The numbers are not Sonopress specific work numbers. Generally, for all Ariola and BMG related pressings, xxxxxx stands for the cat#, provided by the record company, and is used throughout the labels they distributed (e.g. Jupiter, Pye, Ariola, Hansa, A&M, Virgin etc.). If the runout number is identical to the cat#, don't use it as LCCN number! The Sonopress specific pattern on contracted vinyl pressings for outside labels begins in 1970. The pattern is A-xxxx, B-xxxx, etc., followed or preceded by the typical side identifiers and mastering codes as described above, e.g. A-xxxx A-3/83 S I or DM B-xxxx A-1/9-86 or B-xxxx A-1/83S I or 209 DMG-3990 A-2 (please note that often the DM and the following letter are combined to DMB-1234 or DMG-5678, etc., but only B-1234 would be the LCCN number). The pattern was eventually carried over to CD releases, where it continued until Z-9999 was reached in 1999. Then it changed to A-xxxxx. Note: Only these specific Sonopress patterns like B-1234, G-3990 or A-12345 can be used as LCCN company numbers. Sonopress numbers on CDs pressed from ca. 2002 onwards occur in an 8-digit format of "5xxxxxxx". This number is usually followed by the release catalog number, often separated by a slash. Similar numbering is also found on releases made by [l=Arvato Digital Services]. Bertelsmann rarely outsourced their production chain (cutting, pressing, printing, distribution). So, a "Printed by Mohndruck Graphische Betriebe GmbH", "Printed by TOPAC", "Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH" München or Gütersloh (found on the outer centre label ring), all Bertelsmann companies, would surely appear on releases pressed by Sonopress. However, occasional exceptions exist (e.g. for Switzerland or Teldec repressings). History: Reinhard Mohn founded Sonopress GmbH in Gütersloh on April 18, 1958 to produce vinyl records for the [l46968]. Just a few years later, Sonopress was servicing customers outside the Bertelsmann group as well. In the 1970s the company developed into Europe's leading manufacturer of recorded media. 1969: Start with the production of compact cassettes. 1978: Acquisition of a production facility in Mexico City. Start of the internationalization. Production rose to over 60 million sound carriers by 1980. 1981: Start with the production of video cassettes. 1982: Start with the production of LaserDiscs. 1984: Start with the production of Compact Discs. 1986: After the takeover of RCA by BMG, Sonopress takes over the RCA pressing plants in the [url=]USA[/url], Italy, [url=]Mexico[/url] and [url=]Brazil[/url]. 1991: A plant in [url=]Hong Kong[/url] is opened. July 1992: Sonopress stops mass manufacturing vinyl records. 1993: [l290829] is created after a joint venture with [l108231]. 1997: Start with the production of DVDs. 2002: Two plants are opened in France and Singapore. 2004: Acquiration of Audio Services Ltd. (ASL), the largest UK vinyl pressing plant (April) 2004: Renamed to [l=Sonopress Arvato].

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Sonopress GmbH Carl-Bertelsmann-Str. 161 F D - 33332 Gütersloh Germany Phone: + 49 - 5241 - 80 40600 Fax: + 49 - 5241 - 80 6619 [obsolete]

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