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Letras de Remembering Self de Urfabrique

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Oh time I know who you are but when
they ask me I forget, oh I forget,
I think I can keep you at the palm of my hand
but I blink and you leave me you leave me,
I once accepted to ride in this car,
I’m always looking through the mirror,
Is my way already set by all the places
I’ve already met?

And my Self lives a sequence,
A dripping brush experience,
Am I really missing deep things along the way?
I thought they should all somehow count,
Why would you leave them all behind,
Why things with relevance are hidden
and lost along the path?

Don’t you forget what you just saw,
Save it all so I can see what’s wrong,
Give me a way so I can feel it all,
Let me remember all the things I’ve done

Retain all those emotions
and you’ll care about me

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