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Letras de Steam Storms de Urfabrique

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Loving your chords in the night,
Bottles with liquid inside,
Dance it oh babe,
Send me to space...

Stories of reckless encounters
Condensed shapes
Do you hear what I say?
Send me to space!

Lady, hiding in shadows of the past,
you turning me crazy, give me back my life,
you handling this thing babe
you handling this thing terribly wrong,
you forcing me hide it,
Sing me back that song...

Steam storms in the backyard,
Sting songs in the background,
stingy drops of your mean love
sliding on the road

Steam storms
Steam storms
Steam storms in the backyard

You loved me once,
you sweet delight,
Intense and bright,
oh you sweet delight.

Your love was mine...
you sweet delight.

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