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Letras de Mindfucker de Sheck Wes

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Bitch I mean, I mean, um- I just... A lot of mothafuckas don't even understand this The only ones who understand it is real mothafuckas Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa Bitch, bitch, bitch Yeah, yeah, yeah Sheck Wes, me, mothafucka I fuckin'- I ain't even go home I don't really, don't be at home, it's dead body (Mudboy!) I mean I definitely want some sounds gonna fuck niggas up You mothafuckin' doin' it by, you know in situations and what's happenin' You feel me? That nigga Bitch! Late night I'm prolly moving lowkey You think that I'm dolo, it's ten niggas with me (Ho) Keep one to the hip, none of those magazines (Bitch) Make niggas dip like Tom Hanks in movies (Run) I been feelin' lazy, smokin' too much O.G (G) Sheck Wes going through some things, I'm smokin' O.D (Bitch) Now Sheck West in the V.I.P, last year runnin' from police If I made it here, then I'm the M.V.P (Bitch! bitch! yeah!) I get higher than heaven, rock that B-A-P-E (Yeah, yeah) These hoes say young Sheck Wes hotter than land in AZ N-I-K-Es all on my feet, fuck you, pay me That's what a nigga breathes (Bitch) Can't shit faze me (Bitch) You niggas watchin' me, I watch the throne like Jay-Z I still ain't take an L 'til a nigga spray me If you got some shit to say, then say that shit to me Listen to the kids, stop bein' hard-headed It get tragic where I live, Sheck Wes two times, I said it But these niggas ain't listen and shit I don't regret it 'Cause shit gotta happen for me to learn these lessons Put my thoughts in my pen and bullets in my weapon And I pray and say amen anytime a nigga stressin' But my mind my greatest weapon 'cause Fuck people with, nigga, it's your mothafuckin' mind You fuck everything with your mind, nigga You're a mothafuckin' mindfucker Mudboy, bitch!

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