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Letras de Woosah (spanish Version) Jeremih de Nicoxmartin

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HOOK (English):
Lights low, get lit, get drunk, clothes off
Mouth closed, take this, weed loud, twist up
Lace up, legs up, throwback, look back
Woosah, get that

VERSE 1: (English)
I don't mind what happens every time
It happens every time
When you come over to my place
Girl I just wanna drown in it
Cause you don’t mess around with it

CHORUS (English):
I ain't worried ‘bout no other woman you got me
Use them lips you know I love you, kissin’ my body
Way you throw it when you on all four, my goddie
Can you hold me down? I didn't know, remind me
Slip and slide you know that's how you get around me
Speed it up I see you want to test my 'Rarri
You know I been around the West, you got me
All I know is baby you’re the best

HOOK (Spanish):
Luces bajas, saca la ropa
Tomalo, tomalo, fumalo, damelo
Nalgas, arriba, date la vuelta
Woosah, suelta

VERSE 2 (Spanish):
Mas, quiero mas mami
Mueve la cadera, despacito
Con ese ritmo, ay que rico
Ay, nunco no te tengo ganas
Tengo’un obsession con vos, hambre de tu amor
A ver, dame de comer

CHORUS (Spanish):
No hay ninguna’ otra mujer, me tienes
Tus labios me hacen prender, caliente, sa
-bes como moverte cuando vos lo quieres
…No hay perdon cuando vos te vienes
Vuelvo loco cuando me llamas tu papi
‘purate, se que quieres probar, mi ‘Rrari
Te quiero un monton, me tienes
Mi cuerpo y mi corazon

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