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Letras de Unfinished Ep de Daniel Muñoz

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Don't steal this

1. Oracle
All I see is youth, waste away to truth, to create is to waste, now I'm worthless, I didn't copy what they paste

Never got the nerve for the need, now that I'm risen its going to be real hard for me to heed
Ramblers rant rang true, lit my spirit, so finished refuse to be another who, f*ck that

Pedantic preaching's, something new from you is not something I've heard, What's your worth in word, written works a thousand kin wrote before, worthless words but the tutor woe'd for one more, we wrote by rote (x4)

I'm going to make mine heavy, listen now boy because when I drop em be ready, you ain't got no worries boy, wallow in your weekend then whirl daddy's new toy

Get out your mirage

Mindless behavior unexcused, mine is, we are unaware oracles, our medium misused, it's all here, endless entries articles, pluck palm trees, we're stiff clogged arteries, bones got no marrow, spirit got no sparrow, patience patron pander my poetry let it pierce you, as if an articulate arrow

My concepts ain't cryptic, your mind just can't encrypt it, you're no intellect, collect Intel, and recollect

2. Verbatim-

I rather die than be bustling busy with bullshit busy work, get into good school, Ivy league, fail to see fatigue, I rather die than be any of you working hard for Harvard
We wouldn't be so separated if you didn't split us up, uttering achievement anticipated, maybe if we spoke what is true, maybe if we searched something genuine to do
I wasted another day today, clocked in clocked out, want my hands for the work, but won't hear unless I shout, they don't want my soul, they want another piece of coal, I'm not burning out
You don't know a single fucking thing about me, tell me what you see

Speak boy, verbatim, how can you do anything, deal datum. how will you be anything restricting revelation, how can you preach with promise without candid creation

3. Virus (explicit)

F*ck this truth
Sensitive, mad easy, often over chill then I get mad easy, don't push me to kill, often too lazy, often mind hazy, it's been this way for months ain't that shit crazy
Wake the fuck up, your time is now up, no more smoke in the air time to empty that cup, shut the fuck up with that im down on my luck

Guess you're alright with being alright (x2)

We ain't going to be alright, shouldn't sleep sound, the fuck fam found? Oh it's better tbe bound? Hell is a healthy hound? Creative cerebral conscious outta be crowned

4. Mystic
“ it wouldn't be genius if everyone understood”
It's about time I woke up, know the words I whisper in your ear
Do you even listen to the words you hear
Do you acknowledge what I nod off my ledge
Do you act now or wait for the edge

Grave shift since I was 15, school took my day work took my night, girl fucked my head up, told me I'm alright

I've learned more in four years alone than do doing work within home
Screen brought serine obscene, dirty and clean, taught myself myself, more than particular poems plucked off the shelf

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