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Letras de Stay True de La Coka Nostra

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[Verse 1: Ill Bill ]
Check it
I've had people that I love, get taken away
I've had people I've trusted, change up, or get led astray
Death is only the beginning though
Even if they still alive, shit is different - yo
A door closes while another slowly inches open
Try not overthink and blow it, but when the time is really by you'll know it
Eyes reveal, truth flies, try to conceal
Lie to my face, but you wise, buying is real
But that's a favor that they did for me, I'll probably thank 'em
Y'all know if this was 1992, I'd probably shank 'em
Still, I chill, calm and cold, like orange juice jones
Be careful with your karma, you might tarnish your soul
But, that's your journey, I try not to judge you
Got my own bills to pay for, and my own hells to run through
I'm not beneath you or above you
Funny how "I love you" turned to "fuck you"
To thy self be true

[Rakim] I shall stay true
[Ill Bill] Stay true
[Nas] true in the game

[verse 2 : Slaine]
Dirt on my soul and mud on my pants
Smoke from my gun and blood on my hands
I've been through it all so what is my stance
Back against the wall still loving my chances
Buttered my bread and recovered my advances
Shuttered my senses, never studdered my answers
Overdoses to homicides, suicides, and cancers
Shoped out the fake, gave you an hour of glances
But I'm still standing here, after all these years
Speaking my truth this is all this is
All the nightmaring and dreaming, all the demons I've been haunted by
Angels have been keeping me alive when I want to die
Kept me feeling there's a reason I should persevere
My memory is foggy, I can see my purpose clear
So many things to be afraid for, but the worst is fear
Yesterday is gone and so are you, it hurts to hear
I could've burst in' tears; instead, I write this letter
We had to wave the white flag, couldn't fight forever
I don't think I've been the same since the ties have severed
See the truth, but the lies are better
So be true

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