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Letras de My Universe de La Coka Nostra

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Do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe? Which is it?
Is it a universe that is filled with hostility and anger and people wanting to hate each other and people wanting to kill each other, is that what you see?
Because when you see the world that way that’s exactly what you will create for yourself in your life

[Ill Bill]
Stonehearted digital tiger-stripe
My whole squadron invisible sniper-type
We living the life just like a movie
But our reality bite you in half
Like a great white bites though your raft
This ain't no cartoon, you're shark food
Hurry up, swim for the shore
Or wrestle with jaws if you think you're built for this war
I was born from a long line of cast iron survivalists
Street-wise grind combined with the mind of a scientist
And a heart of granite, sharper than diamonds to scar the planet
Inscripted within the star patterns how the God planned it
We were put here for a good reason
From the mountain tops to the highest of cypress hills
So the entire world sees it
We put our pain into these words
Breathe life into these bangers
Y'all relate to every verse and feel our anger
Feel the love and hate, feel every emotion possible
Shock you like a suicidal explosion in a hospital
Rock you, shocking every vital nerve and killer instinct
Fighting every homicidal urge that's living within
Every individual cell and molecule in your body
Every fiber in your trigger finger shooting the shotty
That's the turning point
In other words, the point of no return infernally
I've been told that my soul will burn for eternity
Answer to a higher power
Truth, as far as I'm concerned?
You can't tell me nothing motherfucker
It's my universe

[Vinnie Paz]
The universe is ruled by the strong
The strong prey on the weak
The sky's owned by the dawn ??
(This is a lesson, so follow me
Let's travel at magnificent speeds around the universe)

In this world there's only one way out
Close your eyes then
You're in the lion's den in a state of zazen
The black hearse is occupied, watch the tires spin
An old man with a whiskey-nose and hard chin
Looks across the scene
It's a scene he seen before
Since a teen he's seen the war
Bullets careening off the walls
To the car that's speeding off
Blood on the asphalt
Families dress in black for the son they had the mass for
The young man inside the casket this time?
That's George
'far as the old man can see, he got what he asked for
He knew him as a youngin and he schooled him to the game
His tutelage had brung him ‘til he grew to live the same
As an older gangster gentleman but barely in his 30s
The whole city was burning, but Georgie kept earning
He was ambitious, too ambitious
Man the kid was so determined
Now he's laying in the casket while the priest offers a sermon
He let his future rock inside the cradle of fate
Made a deal with the enemy, that was a fatal mistake
When you're a rat you better watch what you say to a snake
Or your family will stand around you while you lay at your wake
See the neighborhood's violent
Mother is silent with loneliness
He fills the priest's coffers and he offers his condolences
Gets inside his Lincoln
While you presume the worst...
You can't tell me nothing young man:
This is my universe


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