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Letras de The Hard Way de La Coka Nostra

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[Hook: Lawrence Arnell]
The sun keeps keeps shining
People keep trying
Me I can't waste my time
The black .45 when shit get wild
You fuck around and lose your life
You thinking it's a game
Cause people know your name
You gon' find out the hard way
I ain't what you thought I was

[Verse 1: Slaine]
I got a brand new feeling, still a brand you can trust
Skull and guns with the cap and bandanas you love
Put your pistol at your enemy you stand and you bust
Bang! Bang! on these foes, it's such an animal rush
Got that old thing back, it's like you can and you must
That manicky, anarchy, waking me and standing me up
Walking me around, I'm ranting with insanity much
Too much for my own good so I abandon these drugs, but I feel
Like I'm fighting for my life while I'm writing still
I was feeling like my skills were heightened when I'm biting pills
Pacing 'round the lab, crushing, writing bills
I got so much venom. F*** life, if I might get killed
Then I might get killed, let me write this will
My head was fucked, now I'm sober and it's like that still
The same lunatic, giant gun, the defiant son
I thought I told you I ain't done


[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
You heard Slaine's sober I'm a cocaine boulder
Smoke dust with the angel of death, my brain vulgar
But my heart's blacker than Bad Brains see these last days
I'm in a bad place homie I need a damn change
A reignition, a new mission, a campaign
Kill 'em with success and bury them with a glad face
Even with a smile, tell 'em what you really think
Then beat them with a brick, then feed them to the pigs
Throw 'em to the roaches, feed 'em to the spiders and snakes
Liars and fakes, personify violence and hate
But I'm smarter now, I realize that drama is lame
And I own my mistakes, still my karma is pain
And that's just the way of the world, but what part of the game
Say gotta stay the same way I was yesterday
I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd
But don't push me up against a wall, that would be a mother fucking death wish


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