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Yeah, listen, cool, look

Walking down my road and I don't even know my ends now
Everybody's shanked up, everybody's got a skeng now
And man are tryna cotch with a jezzy
Talking about they're cocking a semi
They move rocks of the ready
See, every boy's a trapper 'til the shit hits the fan
And then that shit hits the walls, you're flushing bits of the raw
And every girl's a trap queen, 'til they kick in the door
And now you're in the station telling stories like Roald Dahl
Your man are in a holding cell, hoping that you hold out
My ends is all fucked now, got a nigga tryna cut now
I've been to the end of that road
Bruv I've been to them graveyards
I've been to the pen for my bros
And bruv I've seen what a skeng does to mugs in the South
Like I've seen a shank leave a nigga's guts hanging out
Seeing big straps, make a whip crash, no whiplash
Big money, make a big man look like a kid akh
You ain't really from here
Our man, he's clean, the vision's never cloudy
So know what I'm on clear, you're trapping for designer
I'm in and out of Santander
On a madness doing recon for a line up
4-1-9, that's word to my Nigerian uncle up in Lagos
No favours for the paper
Bring all your guys and you can lose that war
You bring a burner to the beef, I'll make you use that corn
You bring a turner to the madness, you could lose that corn
Man that's the niggas have you missing, that's some unicorn
School, they never rated, girls call me a money man
The yutes call me a paigon
But I've never been a witness like Jehovah
So I couldn't tell you my involvement, from sticks to revolvers
I've never been no victim to them olders
So I can't disclose what the holder gets you
Have to ask my older friends
Never been a witness like Jehovah
So I couldn't tell you my involvement, from sticks to revolvers
I've never been no victim to them olders
So I can't disclose what the holder gets you
Have to ask my older friends
For half dark, half light, get it for a calm price
Hanging out the passy, like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
What the fuck's a one-on-one? Fighting fucking punch to punch
I'll boot you in your face bruv
I won't ever watch my darg fight
The fuck you gonna tell me that you love me
Gave my boys my square and they still tried to bump me
That was way back, I had to switch the game up
Now I got springs in my 110's, and springs in that...
They gave my brother 18 for a fucking murder
A knife crime, the lifetime, the whole sentence he's serving
Now in my chest, my brother knows it's burning
Them visits had me crying, had me whelping
Had me taking pills to help it
Looking, thinking who am I?
Trust, you never knew this guy
Grandma died, had my mother stricken, talking suicide
Trust me I don't say that shit
Why I never rate these kids
My mum was on a madness
You ain't never seen no pain like this
I know you niggas feel this
Brother putting on a brave face for the visit
But I know my brother feels it
And my brother don't reveal it, na
My brother don't reveal it
Take a life for my mother, my brothers don't wanna steal it
But this track's got me on a rage
My brother's stressed out, a man can see it in his face
Like man can see it in his eyes, he's holding back the tears
That judge moving like a Mayan, holding back them years
They done my brother dirty
Doing hard time, he didn't even do the dirties
But I can't say much, 'cause certain man are snitches
And certain man are bitches
And certain girls are witches
And Wale was a witness
Put their shanks in my brother's back, how's that fair?
Gave Scalez 16, and bruv he wasn't even there
Case was all banter 'til junior got cancer
And mums got sick, and tales got told
And then the paint wore off, and true colors got shown
And certain man go free, and all the real niggas don't
So, shout out Lewis, and shout out Serge
Now I'm rolling with an 'arghh' that will get man 'arghh'
What? Like Wale, I'ma get you down
A couple man they wanna get you, I'ma get you first
I'ma get you last, and I'ma get you well
And show you snitching motherfuckers just why you don't tell
So how the fuck you gonna tell me that you hate me?
When I was dead broke, they still bumped me on my AC's
I've never had dough, them niggas laughed, they wouldn't rate me
Now the trainers on my feet, are like minimum like 380
What? 'Cause I'm Prada boy now, I'm money boy now
I'm piano boy now, I'm Mr. Duck a Man Down
Mr. Fuc*** Stop Asking, how I get my P's in
Asking for a bring in, none of you brought me in
Brother fuck a fake friend, why you fucking riding for?
I've got a couple people that I'd die for
Ride out, lights out
My brothers pulling strings from up in High Down
To get you skied before the sky down, look at the sky now

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