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Walk in a rave
Frown on my face
Drink in my hand
Hand in my pouch
Man talk greaze
Man look left look right look straight to a bang in the mouth
Man talk grease
Man see man in the flesh, man sayin' please just dead it
Man talk grease in the whip
Come out the car, and come in like Niko Bellic
I phone up like we want a pizza
A flip blade or a sweet in a heater
To touch more skin than Mia Khalifa
Your man said come round the corner you're joking
Man tryna talk like he's touching us
Your man best run when he see man come son you can get a tiger- tiger- tiger uppercut
I'm next in line bruv
They got my brothers doing next to life cuz
Ring ring on a lyca lyca
For food in the club like tyga tyga hyper hyper boys doing cyber cyber
See man in the flesh dark
Talk big on the nets dark
Bread in pen and kill a cyber man like David Tenant
Mad ting I went back to paper
Back to my notepad
Back to basics
Back to black in fact I went back to back
Stack to stack from a penny to half a grand
Had to find myself I wasn't looking right
In a state could've got your g hurt like mulla light
Fatalistic thoughts, I swear I could've died
That's why I ain't wrote a thing since
I can't confine my pain to a sentence
I sentence you that's pain in a sentence
I got a sentence explained in a sentence
That's 18 years explained in a sentence
The way I'm living's been so peak
Introverted, my friends don't know me
Cause more time I'm walking on my lonelies
Or in the graveyard talking to my homie
Believe me
Believe me this life ain't easy
Why do you think the mandem rarely ever see me
Why do think I gave up dreams of a CD
Why do you think I splash as soon as I see P's
Chief Keef
Prada's 300 get funding before he could beef me
How could I spend like a grand on clothes
Still refused to spend a pound on
**Kisses teeth**
Advertising draws
Making songs about gunplay
You dumb youts are bringing more heat to your strip than a runway
What a plain bar
Had my brother in Feltham that's Heathrow
What a plane bar
And I bet that flew over your head what a plane bar
That's runway Heathrow plane bars
And on Sundays we still claim ours
Cause them Polish guys don't sleep
And Sergey still needs
Dimitry still needs cheese
I do it for them for the guys that still move green
Line to line, crime to crime I still see P's
Gucci scarves back I still see G's
Prison visits I still see C
Once we had to hide down I still see B
Got into the graveyard I still see A
Unemployed and I still got paid
Skipping school just if we still got A's
Girls say I got gassed in change
And I say damn right look at my trainers babe
None of you man want beef and none of you man want heat
None of you man want beef, none of you man want heat
Listen, listen
Look, look
Like none of you man want beef and none of you man want heat
None of you man want smoke
None of you man make P's
None of you, none of you
None of you man seen cash
None of you man own straps
Neither do I
If I need that I got boys that will bring heat with the 4
I am in Dubai nah
But I still think I am in Dubai
No rapper's 'liver than I
Sergey phoned like I wanna buy
5 of the brown
5 of the white
Write that down, give it to my guy on a bike
Who gives it to my guy on a fly
And the guy that sells to the guy on the left
And I probably sell to the guy on the right
This line's so long I could peddle white to the guy in the sky
Maybe it's rude
Maybe it's true
Trap line's local
Money tight but I've never seen a total
'Cause I got money in halves
'Cause I got money in queues
**Kisses teeth**
'Cause I got money in squares
'Cause I got money in shoes
But are you really from your ends mate?
'Cause you're really doing wheelies on your ends mate
And we're really drawing beanies from your ends mate
My kitchen will have you fleeing from your estate
I rush man I'll have you filled in the next day
I touch man I saw twingin like a Sensei
I brush man a van go with the red paint
Chinobel feel heat when that leg raise
I grab man and start squeezing his neck mate
Like three's you won't leave unless I see ps by the next day
Heat in the next way
Heat in BE's and I leave a G weak
And he's easily easily beaten by flow
Show respect when you speak
And I **fights back tears**
He's screaming like please can i make a new ho-
Ah I'm bleeding but fe- **kisses teeth/laughs**
I'm needing a friend to help me to say no
And he's holding a weapon talking to a demon
Bro I swear I ain't letting you go
Listen I'm calm and colly
Link Holly from Collis Wood
Nah I'm calm it's goody link donny in Totty
That's money that's payment in full
Nah I don't bark no shotties
No hearts for thotties
No time for a girl or a friend
I just go my lessons it's less than a blessing
It's comfy and golly
The end
Ah man

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