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Dum dum dum dum dum
Dum dum

Friday 8 o'clock
Me and Jason looking round on a pagan block
We got the drop from a katty on Jason's phone
She said she saw the two boys that tried to raid his home
And they did to
A big move
They ran into my boys yard with a pistol
Took ten grand of his stack while he stood still
Then gun-bucked his little sister 'cause she tried to scream
She fell down the stairs, she was laid out
Neural damage paralysed from the waist down
This is my right hand
My little sister too
So i'm a put them in a grave if I see this yute
We circled the block twice and didn't see a sign
Jason's kinda shaken I can see his eyes
I'm telling him "relax when we see these guys, point blank put a bullet in between his eyes"
I've walked into the estate but this isn't right
I hear the wind whistle loud its a chilly night
I'm gripping so hard on this spinner with my finger on the trigger I swear I can feel the spirits cry
This estates called S-Block
We lost two friends here
Got stabbed here
Made cash here
Saw death here
We near enough had a war in the ends here
Alot of man they talk bad in there strip it takes a man to admit I was scared here
Two of my friends lost their lives on this land that I stand on
I'm still getting active on the guys i'm getting hands on
I hear a noise in the distance so I run to it
And he runs with me
One gun with me
Two knives on me
So If it jams then I then I slash, stab, chef, carve and buck fifty
And then we reach a little corner
We can see them from an angle
Three yutes standing
Two were in the house but there's one set of twins
And only one of them was there
So whichever one it is
Pushed his sister down the stairs
So I hop round this bend with the metal in my hand
Like put your hands up in the air
You little argh
"Which one did it?"
The twin said nothing as expected
So, I grabbed the weak link and made Jason take his guts out
I still got my gun out
So "Which one did it?"
He slipped up and said "the one in the Nike"
They both tried to run 'till I put one in his thigh
Everybody's scattered
I turned around to run
I turned around to run to see a bag of bully vans
This is gun police
And they would dump on me
So I watched the flying squad turn into the firing squad

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