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Look, I've been about for a bit, don't play the fool
I still got a few notes like I'm late for school
I just picked up a Q, like I'm playing pool
No chastity or charity, I'm takin' food
You talk crud you can't back it, beef you ain't bangin'
These straps you can't handle, these man you ain't shankin'
Got a brudda with a flicka, one brother with a mac
And another with a thing that goes rat-a-tat-tat
Got 4-5 bruddas, they're my 4-5 bruddas
Bang 4-5 bruddas, made like 4-5 bruddas
Chat to 4-5 bruddas, I can't war my brothers
I love all my brothers, can't afford my brothers
A lot of guys buy ice and get hyped in the streets
Fam it's nine, it looks like the new iPhone's released
And yeah this ammys kinda mental I forgot where its at
This ammys kinda mental I forgot that I rap
Brother you can get the dental, that's some shots in your back
You can get that rental, that's the back of that van
I'm just moving gentle, in the back of this cab
Tryna count some paper like an examiner, and
Moped, catch me driving when I'm 17
Tryna move white in the night like it's Medellin
Inception from deception, if you're selling dreams
I'm buying, stop lying, you can't touch me with your any team
So, a lot of guys talk the talk in the ends
The problem is, half these guys talk the talk to the feds
If you're talking like you're talking when you talk to your ex
When you're talking near me, make sure your talk ain't a mess
I don't need BBM, but I got £5 on me
Better duck, duck, goose if I got 5 rounds on me
I might, cut that loose if feds try and stop me
Cause, I ain't getting nicked for nothing
I'm living for the hell of it, still-a-fuckin' relevant
Mind never degenerates, around these degenerates
Like Ellen I'm DeGeneres, one in a batch
But real talk, I won't forget I got here through rap
So 'nough of that, how about we pause
Jerk man and take half like a divorce, listen
We pause, jerk man and take half like a divorce, listen
Talking to God, I went through all of that pain
Couldn't feel my hands, was kicking ball in that rain
In the kitchen, with the pans, cooking raw, whipping caine
Headphones, duffle bag, going north on the train
And i'm calm on my own, catch me walkin' in 110s
Broke down a Z ain't getting less than 110
Night shift's where wolves down me at 1:10
Tell 'em come then but you can't sound me for 110
That's in vain
I'm tryna make use of life, it won't ever be in vain
In vain, selling stuff you can't smoke fam
You know this goes in veins, in vain
And i'm not tryna get life to make my brother's sentence in vain, in vain
I'm tryna make something of myself I didn't struggle in vain, in vain
Bruv, you better stab me in my heart and drain all the blood in veins, in vain
My brother gave up on uni, for my fam, it won't be in vain, in vain
I strive to survive, 'cause I thrive in the night, it won't be, in vain
In vain, but listen, was it in vain trapping on a Thursday
And living in the worst way, fam it won't be in vain
All that football on a match day, and now we letting straps play
Trust me cuz, it won't be in vain
I was lurkin' where them cats stay, thinking what would dad say
Trust me cuz, it won't be in vain
Smiling to them pricks I hated in school
Letting them know, I never had no ratings for you
I'm letting this go, I got some shell casings for you
I'm killing them slow, got nothing to say to you goons
And a message for a chick who tried to set me up
Bring your fucking boys [?]
'Cause I got some shooters, they're the hardest
Shots, they're on target
Got shots from Streatham vale all the way out to Charlton
Speak when I say so, drop bombs I'm a pave-low
I don't bother trapping and rapping because the pay's low
I'll just get that trap and make it happen when I say so
I'll just pop that Mattock and slap it wherever they go
Tired of fucking rapping, like blowing will never happen
Know that it takes work, but I'm showing I got talent
In vain, In vain
Yes, yes, yes Toddla

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