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Letras de Hold On To Happiness de Rhys Lewis

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It was golden looking back,
Some kind of heaven in my hands
For so long,
But I was busy making plans,
Couldn't see the things I had
’Til they were all gone,
So much has passed me by,
And I didn’t realise,

So try til your dying breath,
To hold on to happiness,
‘Cos life’s just a moment,
Then one day it’s over,

And it’s cruel how the time can pass,
The deepest river moves so fast,
And life’s just a moment
So know when it’s golden and
Hold on, hold on, hold on to happiness
Hold on, hold on,

I miss talking late at night,
Getting drunk on cheap red wine,
We were so close,
So now I’m trying not to waste,
The untamed seconds of the day
Cos I know
That so much can pass you by,
You don’t even realise


And treasure while it last cos you never get it back,
Never get it back,
Regrets can hurt the most so when you’ve got it don’t let go,
Don’t let go,


Hold on to happiness,
Hold on to happiness.

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