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Letras de One Punch Man de Higher Brothers

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LETRAOne Punch Man Letra

One punch man (laugh)
Five Stars
Higher Gang
Ronny J, listen up

What you talkin' about?
Wack shit, fake shit, sorry I don't get it
Sit your ass down just look how we make it
I know I'm best rapper since I was 20
I don't wanna hear it cause' you're dirty
I be like a birdman I'm a bird
I don't know it but I can learn
I just want the money I swear

[Verse 2: DZ]
I swear, I swear, I going too deep
I'm 內行人 你還不屬於
買AP 恒寶 百達翡麗
鑲滿天星的鑽 瑞士的工藝
You never see Chinese drippin', ok
I got ideal, I never obey
F*** what you think, you been talking about me?

[Verse 3: DZ & MaSiWei]
One punch man 我給你臉上一拳
我像你的剋星 見到你就一頓狂扁
我繼續冒險 我不停的升級
好多個閃光點 脖子上掛滿了珍珠得項鍊
So comfortable露出笑臉

[Verse 4: Ski Mask the Slump God]
My feet no Morty but Rick, Owens
What I tiptoe with my big, toe in
Scary side posted like scare, crowin'
I'm at yo' head like a hair, sew in
Hide-and-seek where is your hair, line going?
Make the AK sound like some titties I motorboated
Can't bite my sauce 'cause it's poison coated
My flow gets you going like locomotive
Is you deaf, bitch? (Is you deaf?)
Watch your step, bitch (Watch your step)
How I pull the pistol, pop it like a nigga got a millionaire wrist (Ouch, ouch)
Higher predicted it, you should count a nigga album bitch
You done little bitch (Ooh! Ouch!)
Hotter the nigga sauce hit the beat like it's a fuckin' One Punch Man fist? (Bitch! Woosh)

Ayo! How the fuck?
Y'all gon' let this nigga Ski Mask drop some fire shit
And y'all niggas think he gon' eat that?
Nah, son! Nah B!
It ain't goin' out like that!

Keep a .45, no Colt
Niggas get to runnin' like they Usain Bolt
Give a nigga wings, give a nigga Red Bull
If a nigga die then I might be Deadpool
Five to your face like I'm Abraham Lincoln
I leave a hole that's the size of a penny
When I Cascade they gon' say that it's Denny
Pay off the witness they say I'm at Denny's
Call me Goku
I play the numbers just like sudoku
Triple zero's making hella ovals
Overpaid but bitch I'm goin' postal
I dress to kill and y'all niggas formal
Magic on me, trick, I'm Dumbledore
Open your back up you lookin' like Bulbasaur
Bitch I'm tyrannical, go in tyrannosaurus
Stupid ass nigga you know that's a metaphor
(Haha haha haha)

[Verse 6: Psy.P]
Super Saiyan, yah, Hokage Ninja in my heart
Naruto (Naruto), Goku (Goku), you weak as cold food (Cold food)
Murder you like cutting tofu (Tofu)
Higher Gang的vibe 除了兄弟財富什麼都不在乎

Higher gang swag young rapper don't know how to be a man
Purple fire, purple juice, the swag in studio B
Still be the whole lot of money dance
Blessing blessing, flexing flexing, hoe
Many fashion flow yeah
Endangered animal, yeah
Become international fuck no love, cash only

You need to pay I'm VVIP (Psh) free (Free)
有一點累 賺的錢翻了幾倍
Dunkin' from three I'm running my way (Okay)
In too many different place, and you need face to face

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