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LETRAArmatopia Letra

Where do we go my blue eyed son ?
We're going out with everyone
Who’s buying in newtopia ?
We go a long long way
Cranking up emissions
Spending all our wages
Going out of fashion
Who’s buying newtopia ?

It’s such a long long way
Wishin’ and a hoping
Long hot days
Gassin’ and ignoring
Let’s kill it in oblivion
Every minute
Minute by minute
A hissing fizzing atmosphere
This is it this is it
This is it this is it
Here comes history

Kiss off history

Hey Hipness
We’re smoking till we burn out
Take it to the limit
Oh baby it’s our business
So let’s dance to the sound
Of our time running out
And watch the smoke
On the breeze of the rising seas
Going down down down
Around round round
‘Cos we’re so history

It’s all history

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