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LETRA25 Hours Letra

So are we erasing ourselves?
I am a return, was born unheard
But anyhow me was a word
A word just like now
And so I learned a need for anyone
And so I know of need from anyone

A life ahead, a life of ordinary mind
I said 'no no, I am a child of the divine'
And so I was told there was no need for anyone
Yeah, I saw my soul and I was seeing what it was
All lies ahead for life of shaking off crime
All eyes ahead and I was working my mind
And so it goes, no need for anyone
And so I forgo a need

Well, I am erasing myself
The love I need is out there
Worlds I'm leaving
And the door really goes somewhere
Well, all I need is myself
And learn all leads to an end
Worlds I'm leaving
And this door really goes somewhere

Oh sometimes you look, and you look just like you learned
And some go on and on, some kind of term
And ever again we march on like everyone
And ever again I ran from all the freaks and priests
Who were hunting me down with attitude
And the heat and the bricks were falling on me like doom
Till I'd seen just everything I had to lose
And I told myself about all I had to do


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