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Letras de Same Shit (freestyle) de Lil Nas X

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LETRASame Shit (Freestyle) Letra

Caught up in the same shit
Tryna keep it low until i get the fame shit
Get the yens find my yin to my yang shit
With the gang but i don't really bang shit
Uh, they bidding on me like an auction
Pretty soon I'ma be they top option
Tell my jeweler get the cooler when the rocks done
No school Ferris Bueller, I'm a hot one
Uh they ain't shit and they remain shit
They miss, they aimless
Disdain they main hits
They all the same shit
All the same hit
They disappear in a year on that Blane shit
These niggas is coffin, yes, I kill often
They say they got bars
Where is the warden?
I ball like boston
Just keep on, just scorin'
I am who they sleep on, they snorin'
Sometimes I really hate switching my flow up
Cuz I know these niggas could rip it and blow up
I'm really out here working hard for my glow up
Broke shit make me sick, make me cough, make me throw up
Can't fuck with these niggas they pussy they petty
That top spot for taking they book me I'm ready
They said you was next? Well, they must never met me
I'm saucing on niggas, Ragu, like spaghetti

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