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Letras de Hombre Letra de Govana

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LETRAHombre (Letra/Lyrics)

Govi, Govi (yo, yo)
More money, more gun, more shot (bruk weh)
Glock .35 with chrome top (bruk weh)
Knock it till me see your eye roll back
Messi with the bomma, him a clear every roadblock (bruk weh)
A man murder unno friend and unno know that (bruk weh)
Pussy, hold a unno know that (bruk weh)
A me murder unno friend and unno know that
Yo, weh unno feel like?

Jump out a the Bimmer with the .16, yeah
Buss it inna face till the clip lean, yeah
Pussyhole get him head fix in, yeah
You think the MAC-11 fire whip cream?
No bwoy no gi' me chat inna me system, yeah
Splash out your brain 'pon the windscreen, yeah
ATC hammer built in
Rass! Wait till the base mix in
No nasty badness, man haffi keep clean, yeah
Forty me tuck inna me ripped jeans, yeah
Bwoy get it and go drop out a Christine deh
Christine send Miss Jean the pic, see him deh
A bare gun man live a Big Tree, yeah
Put a strap 'pon the 'K, make it swing freely, yeah
Clip inna your mouth, mek your lip bleed 'way
Black boss, rub the 'matic, make the thing wheelie

Yo, Draze, who gi' dem gun, hombre?
Rassclaat, one more funeral Sunday
Eh, eh, squeeze it till the nozzle ugly
Heh heh, pu*** d'even get a chance fi run weh
Haha, squeeze it inna face, squeeze it inna face
.40 inna haze, inna haze, skin a blaze
Every gun me own come straight from the States
Get the shots by the case, but me vex if dem waste

Me a the kingpin inna the show
Gun bark, unno can't send beginner fi pro
We send people go live inna the earth
Like, how nuff a dem a live inna me flow
Every clip a double row when you see me duppy show
And s'maddy a go bawl, me chilling and touch the road
Strike force, guerilla badness
Every rifle full and every kutchie loader
Pussy, unno think man a street fighter
Rifle a blow like the pee piper
Turn on the tree, how tree viper
Rearrange your mouth, make your teeth wider
Bwoy nightly the .90, me sleep side
Inna bush 'pon me belly like a real sniper
Pussy can't trick me with no peace neither
Peace treaty? Hold the peace, beat it

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