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Letras de Hayward, Wi Letra de Bon Iver

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LETRAHayward, WI (Letra/Lyrics)

Well your daddy's steering
Down your driveway in the rain
And your mom's hair is in a bun
And it's your graduation day
And your flask is hidden in your sock
You were always proud to show your moxie, babe

Well the rain is clearing up
And the baseball field is dry
And the chairs are in their rows
And some moms' eyes they start to cry
And is this my fleeting chance?
And I wonder as I gasp at all the faces made

Norma Jean, show me what you drink
For fifteen years I've wondered if you know what I think
Every year another mansion goes up on the lake
And my heart it always breaks
And I keep filling up with just this one thing to say

And I'm starting to remember
Every summer day
That long night out at Charlie's
And that time when we tried cocaine
Well my heart has murmured long enough
It is time to show you that I'm tougher, babe

Norma Jean, what'd you have to drink?
For fifteen years we grew up, just around from the ice rink
Now I'm watching you from across the room
Sleeping on your cap and gown
Only to chase away the doubt
And Norma, in my dreams we are the champions of this town

Woo, woo, woo
Woo, woo, woo

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