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LETRASCREW U (Letra/Lyrics)

Friends are led to disappear
Build up trust then break the deal
Rip my heart, I drown in endless tears
Pretty goth girl, can you hear me?
Cut myself, I love the feeling when it feels numb, I can't stop drinkin'
Don't know why you did this to me
Wake up on the crime scene, I swear to god, I fall apart
Gave you all I had, you returned it with a broken heart
Cryin' on the skinny jeans, flexin' like a rockstar, flexin' like a rockstar
Paint on my nails, dyed hair, I don't give a shit
Pop another bar till we're almost feelin' it
SadBoySuffer, club party with the Goth Clique
Yeah, we party with the Goth Clique
Don't know why you did this to me, girl
It's hard to cry when you're melting
Moonlight shines on the [?] of my dreams
Lonely at night, I cannot sleep
The time I wake up, I throw up From evil thoughts and scary dark dreams
You would never save me from a scary dream
[?] makes the best till I OD

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