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LETRALoose (Letra/Lyrics)

If you ever start to wonder
Why all the rain and all the thunder
Follows her around
You better cut that girl loose
Most of time, everything's fine
But as soon as she starts to whine
If you have no patience
You better cut that girl loose

What are you, a coward?
Who are you helping?
You got the power
Then do it yourself, king
And do it for her
You better cut that girl loose, ah
Set her free, let her be
Leave her be (oh yes)

[Outro: Daniel Caesar, **Girl (unknown)**]
You don't love me anymore
Let's see how you like this song
See you walking out the door
Wonder why it took you so long
Ever since the day that I met you
Knew you were the girl of my dreams
(phone rings)
But we could never be
**Yeah, Sorry, I was I was just getting everything [out] right now
I'll be outside**
(hangs up phone)
**Sorry, I was actually just gonna take my phone**
Take it
**I wrote down a new phone number if you need it**

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