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Letras de Say Goodbye de Brooke Allison

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Once in every life
someone steals your heart
and you are forever changed
even when you must part
you find it hard to leave
the feelings aren't gone
but a voice inside is telling you
you can't hold on
So say goodbye
oh i can't say that i won't cry
cause i'm so glad
for everything we had
the good and bad
say goodbye
just look at me
you'll know that i¡­ still love you so
even though we have to say goodbye
No matter where you are
wherever that may be
i will always have you here
deep in the heart of me
and if i never see that warm and tender smile again
we will always have the memories¡­.remember when
You've got your life and you know i've got mine
but we will always be
forever intertwined
our hearts know that
it would be wrong to stay
so before
you turn and walk away
You'll know that i have one last wish
one last kiss
before we say goodbye

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