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Letras de Better When It Rains de Bumbershoot

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Snow, white street, blue light, black sky
you look pale your eyes are big
My heart is breaking
it's impossible to stay
i'm leaving to marocko
i'll fly with the birds
I can tell that you're not sleeping
your heart beats out of pace
my left hand in your right hand
my right hand in your hair
You do me good, i need help, no machines
i'll have to wait just to see if there's room for me
It's in your eyes
and i can see it in your smile
your fruit is colorful and bright
mine is overgrown
And if i'm laughing
it doesn't mean that i'm ok
and if i'm crying
i can't tell you i'm ok
I like it better when it rains
a perfect hiding place for tears
the sun painting my eyes red

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