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Letras de What Are You Wearing? de Butter 08

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It was bliss
inside my head
somebody screaming
"somebody’s dead"
it’s not the person
i guess it's alright
There's somewhere
that i'd rather be
talk, talking dirty
get to me
let's fix some action
i guess it's alright
I thought i heard
somebody said
"it's gonna be your lucky day"
but i can't remember
and i guess it’s alright
I guess i don't really know
it feels good
i feel fine
one time
I hear the car door
my park today
i could be flying
but far away
i think soemthing’s busted
i guess it’s alright
I can't help it
i gotta get some sneakers
she's wearing nothing
it's hot today
we're getting married
she's getting friendly
i guess it's aright
So what you're trying
to say to me
that it's lucky you
you look back at me
that's not an answer
i guess it's alright
I'm tired
i'm getting tired
of thinking
what i'm thinking

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