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Letras de Is It Tomorrow Yet? de Catherine (banda)

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This nightmare haunts the inside of your eyes,
Whether in sleep, or wide awake, or somewhere that lies between.
A womans silhouette, perfect in every way, now thrown into darkest regret.
And as she begins to fade, you hear a voice that pierces the dark:
'You never came for me.'
Ive always been alone in love.
An 'IOU' note signed by love herself.
Id never doubted, tomorrow will be the day when every mans hero will be mine.
Tomorrow never came.
This promise Ive held onto for so long,
But tonight Ill hold a lie, and my love will never be the same.
My head screams at me,
'End this fairy tale,' 'love will not be found,'
'open up your eyes and see youve only loved a lie."
I killed the perfect lover.
I buried her inside my heart.
In the blink of an eye, like the shot of a gun,
Ive become the loneliest boy ever.
Faithless, dishonest, impatient and a whore,
Is it tomorrow yet?
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