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Letras de Desecration Of Grace de Ceremonial Castings

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"In Nomine Patri, In Nomine Redemptor, In Nomine Satani
Ego Renuo Thee, Ridimio Ego Revera
In Nomine Rex Regis, Ego Apello Bellum
In Nomine Patri, Ave Exordium, Ave Mortis"

I Am The Devil & The Devil Is Me
For The Only Devil In Existence Is Man
We Are What We Are If We Are Free
Otherwise Slaves To The Holy Hand
I Am The Savior & The Savior Is Me
If You Believe There Is A Savior At All
I'll Sell My Soul Because Nothing Is Free
To See The Celebration Of Salvation's Fall

I Am The Prophet & The Prophet Is Me
Listen To The Words That I Speak
Our Lives Consist Only Of Hypocrisy
Because The Minds Of Mass Are So Narrow & Weak
I Am The Father & The Father Is Me
Inside Us Lies The Choices That We Make
Close Your Eyes, Only The Blind Can See
The True Filth Spawned By Our Race

And The Scrolls Of Life Shall Be Forgotten
For Flesh-Made-Death, No One Shall Abide
And The End Of All, Shall Inherit All
Swallowing Senseless Human Pride.
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