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....So This Is Death...

Here In My Kingdom Of Sorrow
Here In My Sanctuary Cold
I Have Become A Monument Of Misery
Alone To Face Eternity

Here In My Temple Of Grief
Here Where Sorrows Never Sleep
I Embrace The Eternal Silence
Bring Damnation Upon My Withered Soul

My Shadow Follows Me Unto The Darkest Paths
I Pray My Beating Heart Is Soon To Beat It's Last
I Swallow Guilt And Shame, But The Flavor I Can Not Taste
So This Is Life...And Mine By Right To Waste

I Will Fade In Time Far From Gazing Eyes
My Tomb Sleeps Body-less, I: The Stone Against The Tides
And So It Seems Alone In Life I Loose
But Grins Gather Fierce Here, For This Is What I Choose

In Sorrow I Walk... In Sorrow I Fall...
....In Sorrow I Fall...
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