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Letras de Of Ruins & Shameful Supremacy de Ceremonial Castings

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Tormenting Souls, Killing Off The Weak
Butchered & Scorn Servants Leading To Deciet
Beheading The Captured, Punished For Their Lies
A Slaughter So Sweet Even A King Cries

Alone & Unmastered, Godless & Cruel
Free From Restriction; The Order Of All Rules
A Pain Inflictor, Laughing At The Dead
To Curse All Moral Men To Poison & Infect

Changing Seasons
Creating Legions
Commiting Treason
Deceiving Reason

The Man Who Fears Nothing Is No Man Of God
Free From Love With Darkness In His Heart
He Sold His Soul To Rule This World
In League With Darkness To Take This Kingdom Earth
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