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Letras de Eyes Wide Open de Chronic Future

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It's like taking your medicine
admitting the relevance
of every experience
you're thanking the elements
in all their appearances
isn't life just the clearest when
you face interfearences with an aim for fearlessness
With eyes wide open it can be so hard to live in this world today
but if you close them you just might miss out
and life will pass you by
You know that
things will never change
and your life will
always stay the same
Eyes open
eyes shut
I need some memory loss
tell me what's that gonna cost?
if it has to do with attitude i'll pack up and get lost
i'm having second thoughts on going through with this
i should say screw this shit close my eyes and get used to it
don't waste your life away
Blankness with an over anxiousness
to erase this you must be courageous
just to face what gives you knots in your stomach
and once you've done it
you're gonna love it
getting up there and being above it

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