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Letras de Stop Pretending de Chronic Future

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If for just one night
we could stop pretending
that we're never ending
cause soon i'll have to go
My biggest fear in life is that the universe works
i guess to be blessed we have to be cursed first
well obviously waiting on honesty hurts worse
than arguing over how much the dirt's worth
if that type of magic when creative spurts burst
can turn to a flat line from hospitalized bird chirps
would you line up with me to be the first cursed
to prove to this nervous earth the universe works
For just one night
could we just stop pretending
that we're never ending
cause soon i'll have to go
these days are coming
to an end my friend
so can we just stop pretending
i'm here to stay

All right all right the universe works had enough with the crisis
i'm sure that all our heads have been stuck in vice grips
when advice gets repetitive that's because it is
so we should stop pretending we haven't heard it before this
so who ever you share life with whether it be your lover parent
grandparent sister or brother
let them know to make sure they knew
that they were appreciated for taking on the challenge of you
get to the other side
watch your halo grow in size
hope to god that i
will never be given another personality that i'll have to resign
Cause you didn't cherish all those times we had
you find yourself feeling sad
cause i've gone away

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