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Letras de Wicked Games de Chronic Future

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Did i wait too long
it made me somber wondering onward stronger
on and on
but i'm still awake
you haven't killed me
i am willing to persevere another day
You can run away but you can't escape
all these wicked games
You're impossible like ignoring the habit of breathing
i'm expendable to you completed then superseded
I insist it ends
my circumstances burned my chances
the answers want it that way
but i'm still awake
i have opponents
i've got moments to own that know my way
But it still exists and it's still there
you cant escape these wicked games
Go through your pain and struggle but maintain the knowing
of what'll come to you showing it's all right
there's plenty around to drown you
pronunciate found to all that surround you
give them all flight
running away is a stain in the mud a brain stem with a plug
when you get there you don't know why you came
you end up going where your knowing
is showing in different form but inside you feel the same
there's always someone else to blame
Wicked games (interlude)
Now this was a long long time ago
when music was loved on the radio
before my birth, i'm not that old
bands didn't have to pay the radio to be sold
i'm told it was quite a day
to have a station have a dj
not have a playlist of what he'd play
or a pd wanting it there way
just a love for tunes and comparison
now we just compare embarrassment
it's such a scare this carelessness
it's not awareness it's harassment
cherish this choice that we have
not to listen if it's an add
not to listen if it gets bad
don't have to bitch and kick and get sad
that it takes ten days of supervision
to find a good song for you to listen
lets just break this new tradition
i've got mine now you choose your mission
play the game, play the game
place your blame on a taste of fame
play the same way a faceless name would play the game
play the game.

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