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Letras de You Cant Catch Me de Chuck Berry

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You can't catch mechuck berryi bought a brand-new air-mobileit custom-made, 'twas a flight de villewith a pow'ful motor and some hideaway wingspush in on the button and you will get a scenechorus:now you can't catch me, baby you can't catch me'cause if you get too close, you know i'm gone like a cool breezenew jersey turnpike in the wee wee hoursi was rollin' slow because of drizzlin' showershere come a flat-top, he was movin' up with methen come wavin' goodbye a little' old souped-up jitneyi put my foot in my tank and i began to rollmoanin' siren, 'twas a state patrolso i let out my wings and then i blew my hornbye bye new jersey, i'd be come and gone(chorus)flyin' with my baby last saturday nightnot a gray cloud floatin' in sightbig full moon shinin' up abovecuddle up honey, be my lovesweetest little thing i've ever seeni'm gonna name you maybelleneflyin' on the beam, set on flight controlradio tuned to rock 'n' rolltwo, three hours have passed us byi'll be 2 dropped to 5:05fuel consumption way too fastlet's get on home before we run out of gas(chorus)from: collins crapo <roxtar@srv.net>

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