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Letras de On My Enemies de C-murder

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Put your guns up and show love
to one of the greatest niggas in the game
tupac shakur
this my one time tribute
You can tell by the hate in my eyes
that i'ma ride 'till the day that i die
(when we ride on my enemies)
i bet you motherfuckers die when we ride, on my enemies
Got some static with some niggas
on the other side of town
and my big brother kev'
yo, he's a rider now
what they want from us motherfuckin' tru niggas
cause we cool niggas, now we do niggas
and move niggas
am i wrong? fools makin' songs
tryin' to sound like us
must we go on on that herone
in the south i trust
'till i'm out that bus
then they die when the sun come
tryin' to bite lightnin' of the sky
how many cry?
heard the industry was tryin' to finish me
look bitch, i got your drink
it ain't no motherfuckin' henisey
then i wastched them playa haters die slow
eliminate all you bitches on my motherfuckin' stage show
glanced at my calacos
time to exterminate my foes
i can't stand you hoes
remember this as a bitch slap
my lyrics runnin, all you cowards out of gangsta rap
when we ride on my enemies
you can tell by the hate in my eyes
that i'm a soldier 'till the day that i die
(when we ride, when we ride on my enemies)
i bet you motherfuckers die when we ride on my enemies
Come take a journey to the southside
you can play the game, don't explain nigga time to die
now say goodbye
watch my eyes when i squeeze the trigger
so right before you die
you cry in front a bigger figure
now dry your eyes
you was a gangsta when i couldn't get ya
but now i'm free
you got a hundred motherfuckers with ya(hey)
pay attension, all you carbon copies
you hella slopy
and you mad cause the world jock me
ya never knock me
how you fake motherfuckers heat it
like you in hell
dumb niggas barely breathin' cause you see me livin' well
now you don't really wanna be involved
cause when i bust
you better trust i'm killin' all of ya'll
then ball, and tell the witness
keep they mouth closed
fuck around and get splanked
by my motherfuckin' tank dogs
before i go make sure everybody heard
yo i meant every motherfuckin' word
when we ride on my enemies
Chorus: x5
(overlapping chorus)
rest in peace tupac shakur
one of the realest, most illest
made motherfuckin' niggas in the game
or the rap industry, nigga
much love
thank you for that gangsta ass music you gave us nigga
we gonna ride to that shit all the time
cause, uh, wasn't nobody really fuckin' with ya
cause they knew one thing
you was gonna ride on 'em
ride on your motherfuckin' enemies
by any means necessary nigga
ya heard me?
retaliation is necessary
no limit, for life
for the realest
fuck the illest

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