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Letras de Life As Expected de Commander Venus

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Pull back the sheets
and climb in bed with me
we can talk all night
i'm not tired, are you?
i'm not tired, are you?
did you like the party?
did you see any pretty girls there?
Not that it matters
neither of us are alone
neither of us are alone
but sometimes it feels that way
so i need a sign
give me your hand
no more life as expected
i'm through with the usual
i want to fall in love
But if my mouth stays shut, and i don't speak up
then she'll never know, then she'll never know
if i can't relax, if i can't tell her how i really feel
what she really means to me
The cops showed up
about a quarter to two
i didn't even notice
i was so immersed in my conversation with you
the band's too loud
somebody tell them
somebody tell them to turn it down
I don't want to hear a sound
except for her voice
except for her breath
except for my beating heart
begging her to come closer and closer
oh, i want her close to me
but if the hands don't clap
and if i can't relax
this is hopelessness
why do i even try?
because tonight will end
and my life goes on
like it always has
like it's always going to
The chorus is done
and we're still standing
in our standard melody
only one of us is alone
only one of us is alone
and it's not you
and it's not you
thank god it's not you

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