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Letras de Raining Holiday (part 2) de Commander Venus

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My eyes are empty
the house is quiet now
today has claimed and ruined me
My pulse is waiting
as boredom strangles it
i might sleep, but i won't dream
Is that what i need? is that what i need?
i wanted to see, i want to believe
so i scratch and scrape to find
to find a reason to live in a god or a girl
oh, i tried, oh i tried
to abandon guilt
other things that don't exist
The hours numb me
some words are stinging still
but i don't feel them when they do
my head is open
my eyes are bleeding and...
they demand to see the truth, the truth, the truth
But what would that prove? but what would that prove?
i wanted it too, i wanted it too
and i strain to see the sun
i'm just so sick of the gray and the rain
this is it, i am done, i am done
and i'm laying down
let today roll off my back, i'll be all right

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