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Letras de Refused By Light de Commander Venus

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The light refused us with designed intent
into darkness we retreated to seek defense
with patience and logic new hope extends
to be different, to be lucky, and to die happy
So i go down, down the stair-air-case
and out, out the front door
there is no time left to waste
a lifetime spent being choked
When i'm at school, it's like i'm dead
then the weekend comes and i resurrect
these old fears, and these old dreams
they follow, they're chasing me
To wipe the cobwebs off my tongue
and try to speak those ancient words again
it's patience and logic that killed true love
make it easy, stop believing that you can trust someone
Go find yourself a dry place
where the storm can't touch you any more
lay down and let time-ime waste
a lifetime is being choked
Cause there's no place left to feel at home
the years have past and i'm alone
with these same fears, these dead dreams
they strangle, they're killing me
me... to get far!

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