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Letras de The Way Things Had To Be de Commander Venus

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Why do we always end up like this?
the same position on the couch
staring into each other's eyes
but do we have to talk about this now
and do i have to feel like crying?
Because i...
i don't want to run
and don't come back again
we could have avoided this
five desperate hours pass
and now we know the truth
that i can't learn to love you
So desperate i can taste it
wishing things were different
but still i cannot change
Run, and don't look back again
there's nothing left to see
these empty months have proved
my inability to treat you like you deserve to be treated
but then you can't expect me to change who i am
So from now on i will not
leave myself open to needing someone
and trust is not the answer
that's just what we do
when we can't stand to be alone again

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