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Letras de Frustration de Crease

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I've got no expectations
i complicate the complications
i've got no objection to whatever's going on
Filled with anticipation
i decorate with decoration
try hard to be the focus of it all
Tell me you want me, 'cause i don't believe you
feel the frustration - (i feel the frustration)
life is the slowest form of suicide
feel the frustration - (i feel the frustration)
I truly miss the sensation
i stimulate the stimulation
hard not to miss the way you rub me wrong
When is my expiration?
i fascinate my fascination
i can't believe i'm hanging on this long
Chorus (x2)
Now i deny all allegations
i instigate the altercations
i'm always right or wrong, most never wrong
Chorus (x2)

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