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Letras de Not For Me de Crossover

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I'm compiling all my thoughts as i begin to enter into your prescence.
a fear has swept my soul.
considering where i stand, i can only pray for your forgiveness.
i'm calling on your name.
But this time its not to comfort me, your grace is enough for me.
and this time its not to meet my needs, you've surpassed my wants,
and opened the door to greater things,
so tonight i praise your name.
And i come, with all the concerns behind me,
and i fall, broken as the man that i've become,
this is not the way i want to be,
this is not for me.
Interactions in the past have only drove me to suspicion,
with anger on my soul,
i was eager for the knowledge i could gain,
and use to my advantage,
but you were in control.
Cause i have fallen
i am my own deceit
but you surpass it all.
yeah you surpass all.

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