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Letras de When Heaven End de Dødheimsgard

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Glance so far up in the pyre
as flames hunts heaven high
it's brought forth, a long
awaited illusion of burning
merciless hate.
And time shreds in pain
and hear a drop of golden hymns
to those heroes who grought glory
and hope to all those rasesof men
A longing..
for bright, forever
feed with gods love
So, they see this revelation
so dearly they trusted thier king
as they thought they where
engraved in his courage
a weak, pityful army..
against the horned lord
Slaved are they beneath the spear
which reigns of diabolical power
Heavens dwan they faced
A shattered dream in viced pupose
for those of heaven light
a black cut on every limb
a hunting dusk on every mind
God is dethroned and all his
children dressed in white
will lick the cosmic nightsky
dripping of heavens blood
The fury is ours, all might and glory
united with him eternally
hail, hail my majesty
hail satan, my honour is for you

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