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Letras de Tango de Dan Balan

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I gave her sweet illusions,
She was in deep confusion.
Then I accepted her debut...and..
I taught her every move I knew

I dropped my hat and fear has gone,
I've always felt what she wants
You know ... she was mt student on Fridays,
My lover on Sundays,
We wanted to learn that hot-blooded dance

coro x2
I'ts my favorite surprise
I've been fooled more than twice.
I thought that i was her dancer,
The only romancer
But she wanted more than a tango dance.

You gave me sweet ilussions,
I gave you love profusion,
We harmonized our fantasles
But at least there's one more dance that we have missed.

I'll put on grill you heart of steal
Then you could feel that I am real.
You're still my student on Fridays,
My love on Sundays.
Hold me light
We're dancing one more nïght.
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