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Tucson, Arizona (gazette)
Tucson, arizona
Rising in the heat like a
Tony keeps his chevy
Like a virgin locked in
His garage
He brings it out at midnight
And cruises down the
Empty boulevards
And he prowls the
Darkened alleys
That snake between the city's
Thirsty yards
The lonely desert skies reflect
The anger in his ... Leer máseyes
And it is dawn.

His father died of drinking
And left five children sinking
With his mom
His older brother bobby
Never made it back from viet nam
With high school well behind him
He lives at home and works this
Shitty job.

And he thinks his '60 chevy
Is the only true amigo
That he's got
His heart is filled with sadness
And his soul is like some
Ugly vacant lot.

Mary estelle hanna
Came out from louisiana
For the sun
A deal gone bad in dallas
Left her burned and broke
And on the run
Dan Fogelberg Tucson, Arizona 4364 1502517