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Letras de Freestyle (j-hood) de D-block

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The 'gnac got me fucked up Poobs
You sure you can drive my nigga?

Drunk out my mind, Courvosier got me twisted
In the passenger side of the Range gettin lifted
Hand on my biscuit, watchin for them boys in the rearview
They be on some bullshit, searchin niggaz vehicles
Knockin the Ojays, faded off the previous blunt
Eyes red, skully low like what the fuck niggaz want?
I'm on some other shit, my brain paintin pictures like Van Gogh
27 flat is what I get you them grams fo'
D tryin to build a case, tryin to get me or somethin
But like a broke thumbtack they can't stick me to nothin
What's this I hear, Hood fell off, not true
Don't make me take yo' ass back to _Stadium 2_
When I dropped 60 on Clue, kids had to stop me
Shortly after that a lot of rappers tried to copy
Damn right I'm cocky, and I can't forget witty
I won't just spit on a track, I'll spit on this city
I listen to Biggie but get, hyped off that 'Pac shit
Wired off a quart, wonderin why I ain't got shit
But on the real I got this, the last shall eat first
And them fat niggaz that stuff they face gon' eat dirt
Soon as the heat spurt y'all niggaz gon' immediately drop
It's already in the stars, I'll be damned if I flop
Be damned if I stop, I'm 'bout to take ownership of the crown
Now Big told you like an elevator it's goin down
(D-Block!) What?
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