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Letras de Gator Ent. de D-block

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[Jae Hood:]
Your man Hood'll critical your boy condition
Toss em in the pot let him get discovered by some old man fishin
Your bout to get jurisdisiction bout to get dealt wit
I put my life on this chump you aint never felt this
Im bout to pop like a balloon full of boilin water
Cuz Im the nicest nigga out and Im callin on the
Lord to give ya'll help because ya sure need
Cuz Im the best nigga out
So what Im conceited
Believe it
Like a person being cloned in front of you
Or like 15 armed predicates gunnin you
You sonnin who
You must be fuckin with that white shit
5-0 need to smack your ass wit a nightstick
Jae Hood bitchboy I came to claim my spot
Collect a couple M-I-L-L's and flame the block!

Gator entertainment
light up waters
Gator entertainment

You cant let this money get by you
The game dont change it stays the same niggas just get grind
Bricks on the ceilin
Pounds on the floor
I done seen alot and heard even more
Yea ok enough wit the war stories
Big niggas is too small for me
Get off of me
And I dont hit the gym or the park
But I put a bullet right under the brim wit the glock
By far Im the nicest
You dont ride the track right they oughta revoke your licenses
Wanna get on son you need to ask me
As far as Y-O as far the whole streets
I spit like a old beast
Its all out war theres no peace
And Ima serious treat
Your in serious trouble cuz I aint takin serious yet one
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